Methodology / Our approach


We have developed our own methodology based on human-centered design.

During the course of more than 20 years of work, we have personally experienced the challenges of leading people, projects and business in large multinationals and foreign markets, as well as domestic companies. We know that the market is alive and unpredictable, and how important a strong organisational culture is for success.

Having a strong culture means something different to each company -- the unique set of values, beliefs and behaviors that are consistent with their business vision, strategy and goals. Figuring out to what extent people see and live these values is a big challenge, particularly when it comes to digital transformation.

The complexities of the digital age require innovation, agility and openness in order to achieve the goals that are set and survive on the market, and these originate from a balanced mindset. That is why we conduct in-house processes with a CBL (challenge-based learning) approach, which helps to change employee attitudes through hands-on experience.

Only 6% of executive directors are satisfied with the advances and innovation processes in their companies. Successful businesses do not differentiate themselves by the amount they invest in financial and human capital, but through their organizational culture, which is also the foundation of innovation.

In VETTURELLI we work at creating new and adapting existing organizational cultures, and it is through projects that we build a “silo demolition” environment and foster the interpersonal and interdepartmental communication which is a prerequisite for the social interaction that creates innovative solutions.

Our approach is:

  • Individual - each customer is unique

  • Personal – throughout the process you will closely collaborate with a VETTURELLI partners who are focused on achieving your goals

  • Oriented towards changing mindsets - of individuals, organizations and society as a whole

  • Provocative and stimulating

  • Sustainable